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Grover Norquist Hopes the Next Time Ted Cruz Wants to Troll the Entire Country, He’ll Run It Past Some People Who May or May Not Be Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, has ratcheted up his criticisms of Sen. Ted Cruz, calling the Texas tea party hero a poor political planner and demanding he apologize to fellow Republicans for his relentless push to defund Obamacare. Mr. Cruz’s filibuster and ongoing rhetoric about the need to topple Obamacare was a shaky and impulsive strategy, Mr. Norquist suggested Tuesday. […] The tax reform activist also mocked Mr. Cruz, saying that perhaps the senator was now “wise and more experienced” and that he might also have learned the value of vetting his planned political moves “with some other people,” and asking first: “‘Hey, I have an idea, what do you think?’” [WT]