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Greener Grass: Don’t Be Sod, Get a New Job!

You're sitting there, bored. Dejected. STOP IT. You're awesome, so start acting like it. 

"But I have a soul-sucking job that I hate," you say. 

Again, we say, "STOP IT." You deserve better. What it is exactly, we're not sure, but, at the very least, we insist you drag your lifeless hand to use the mouse to click over to Going Concern Jobs to see what's happening over there. Or set up some email alerts for yourself. That won't take a lot of energy at least.

Although, if you're feeling inspired after watching Rocky or Rudy or another sports movie that begins with "R" then you'd do well to create a profile, upload a résumé, etc. etc. Do we need to get all Mickey Goldmill on you?

If you have any questions along the way, email us. We're here to help. Good luck out there.