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Cyber Security @ Big 4

Hey Everyone,

So I am currently a cyber security intern at a Big 4 and to say the least, my experience so far has been.. unexpected. I was heavily recruited for my Accounting & MIS double major and was told I was going to be in a technical role where I would utilize both of my degrees. But, that is not really the case.

I would say my position is mainly risk management. We collect info from clients and make some pretty visualizations. I am was also surprised by some of my coworkers’ lack of technical expertise.

These new realizations have made me pretty concerned about my position. While I have found my work interesting and more stimulating than audit, I am worried that I will not be able to develop the necessary skills nor obtain the important experiences I would need for a successful career in cybersecurity.

Are my concerns well-founded? What sort of exit opportunities do I have? Despite hating audit from a past internship, I am reconsidering the idea mainly due to the exit opportunities and because I think high-level (ie c suite level) accounting can be interesting and rewarding. Would leaving Risk back for FS be a good idea.

Thanks for the help.