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Going Concern Presents: The Many Faces of Barry Salzberg

When it comes to Big 4 hotshots, we try not to play favorites (although my inappropriate sexual dreams about Big 4 hotshots definitely play favorites, my favorite being BoMo because BoMo HELLO) but the other day, I was Google Image searching for a good picture of Barry Salzberg when I realized the guy makes some really hilarious faces. I mean really hilarious faces.

In discussing this matter with Colin, we came to the conclusion that we should all indulge in a moment of Barry Salzenfreude because, well, why not?

Let's take a look at the many faces of Barry Salzberg:

Here we have Barry's "I shouldn't have eaten that whole Bloomin' Onion at lunch" face

Here we have Barry's "Smithers, fetch me the impressionable young accounting students, I have a Twitter account I want them to see" face

Here we have Barry's "and there's the windowless room where we keep the interns LOL" face

Here we have Barry's "Deloitte is committed to diversity, that's why we're hiring a team of old white guys to run a new diversity program" face

Here we have Barry's "actually, PwC's is only like this big" face

Here we have Barry's "you can trust me, I'm Barry Salzberg" face

Here we have Barry's "mess with Deloitte and I will be forced to choke a baby" face

Here we have Barry's "I'm at Davos, bitch!" face

Here we have Barry's "all hail Deloitte!" face

Here we have Barry's "the PCAOB inspection report said WHAT?" face

Lastly, here we have Barry's "thank goodness I stopped making Dunkin Donuts commercials and went into the Big 4 instead" face