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Going Concern Jobs Is Coming Soon to an Internet Near You

It’s February. It’s busy season. We understand that you have things to do. You can spend a few minutes helping us, can’t you? Of course you can.

Believe it or not, we pay attention to what you guys and gals click, read, complain about, enjoy, and flat out hate. So we think we have an inkling of what’s most important to you and we’re pretty sure one of the most important things to you guys is building nice careers for yourselves. 
Actually, “nice” doesn’t really do it justice. It’s more along the lines of: “A kickass career that is marked by never-ending string of successes at prominent and upcoming companies. Oh, and a fleet of jet skis. I’d really like some jet skis, so if you could help out with that, that’d be great.” Or something like that.
What we are doing is developing a way to help you, the accounting world, advance your careers in a very different way. We’re calling it Going Concern Jobs. Creative, I know. 
What does this mean? Well, we’re going to define it together. To start, we’re trying to get our heads around what you think would make a good career resource for you, your boss, your boss’s boss, your most beloved colleagues, and even your sworn enemies, and we need your thoughts on the matter.
You can help us is by answering some questions and sharing some thoughts with us on job searching and recruiting. I’ve been assured that the survey won’t take long and is completely harmless. Go here to take the survey. And if you’re so inclined, enter your email address for a chance to win an iPad Mini.  
So we have a common goal. You want the most successful career possible and we want to help. But first, please work with us to make sure we're giving you exactly what you want. (Don’t forget to apply your firm’s “Reading Going Concern” billing code, if applicable.)
Thanks for your help and your continued support of Going Concern.