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When to give notice for 1/8 Start Date

Hey there,

I’ve accepted a new job in Finance at a public company, with a start date of 1/8, targeting my final day at the firm for 1/5 (no planned vacation this year, other than the firm shut down days). I’m in IT Audit, so yes, I’m leaving in busy season, but our busy season is longer and less intense than traditional audit (approx 50-55 hours Aug – Feb, but I’m also on a huge mid year so I’m in “busy season” year round). Majority of our work can be wrapped up by year end, but there’s always new reports, YE activities, and delays, so we’re kept busy until filing. There’s no good time to leave it feels like, and I was just passed up for early promotion. I’d love to give the fingers to the firm, but don’t want to hurt my teams unnecessarily.

With the 1/8 start date, my official 2 weeks notice would fall on Christmas. While this doesn’t sound classy, and only give 4 working days for me to transition my team (of which I’m sure many people will still be out for). I’m worried if I give two working weeks notice on 12/18 or 12/20, they’ll terminate me by 12/22 to avoid paying me during the firm shut down. I want to prepare my teams, but I’m afraid telling my managers/directors any sooner will spread to HR, as I’m on 4 engagements and I know they’ll be reaching out to the scheduler the moment I give my notice. I’m in California, so it’s an at will state, and floating holidays are paid out like vacation. I believe there are 4 firm shutdown days I’d be out of pay for that, plus the following week of work (though my new job would start me as early at 1/2 if that happens). I’d still get reimbursed for the 2 floater holidays they expect us to take between that time.

Can I give less notice officially to HR? Has anyone dealt with this problem before? I feel like I’m fucking myself over by looking out for my team, but fucking my team over by looking out for myself. I don’t have any desire to come back to PwC or IT Audit, so I only care about burning bridges because I like a handful of people I work with (just mad now the firm has been run lately).

Any advice here is welcome. I feel like I can’t even talk to people about it without spilling the beans, and a month is a long time to keep quiet…