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GC Weekend: Fill Has Broken the Mold

Round 3 has come and gone for the Radio Station billboard and it’s nothing but more disappointment.
After two straight rounds of +2, Fill is in the clubhouse at +6, after shooting +4 today. Obviously, he has not bounced back as many Klynveldians had hoped he would.
With this latest performance, we’re thinking that Fill has all but solidified his slot in the upcoming current RIF. This simply means that he’ll have to continue to slum it for the likes of Barclays, ExxonMobil, and Rolex.
This latest poor performance forced us to get a little creative with the rating system.
Check out our latest 9 box, after the jump

Phil_9 box_sat.jpg
As you can see, we decided that it was appropriate to modify the traditional 9 box for this special occasion. It’s no longer at NI9 for Fill, he has his own special box: the Fill NI9. This rating will now represent the most disappointing performances for Radio Station employees.
Check in with us tomorrow Monday to get the final round Fill coverage.