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Non-Religious Future PwC Partner Credits ‘Divine Intervention’ For Nabbing Purse-Snatcher

Max Livingstone-Learmonth dressed as bishop at I Move London

The Evening Standard reports that a soon-to-be PwC partner got to play the hero in the midst of a potentially record-breaking relay race in London, all while dressed like a bishop.

Forty-year-old Max Livingstone-Learmonth was on his 10km (about 6.2 miles) leg of the I Move London race when he spotted a woman chasing a purse-snatching dude.

Mr. Livingstone-Learmonth told the Evening Standard:

“I saw this woman tripping over the cobbles, diving after this bloke. She fell over on her front.

“A guy shouted, ‘Stop that man’, and it was just pure instinct to run after him. I caught up to him and pinned him to a wall with my crosier.

“I said, ‘It’s not your day if you’ve been run down by a bishop’. He was squirming and protesting his innocence but he was caught red-handed. He had dropped a lot of phones and wallets on the way.”

A couple dudes partaking in a pint or two at the nearby pub held onto the suspected thief until cops arrived.

Livingstone-Learmonth left PwC in 2011, where he served as director in Strategy Consulting and Transactions Services, and returns in October as partner in the Deal Strategy & Operations practice.

He and his wife compete with a friend in a team called Religious About Running, and previously set a record at the London Marathon dressed as a bishop, a monk, and a nun, respectively. Bishop gear and overt team name aside, Livingstone-Learmonth says he’s “not religious,” but told the Evening Standard it felt “a bit like divine intervention that I was there.”

Despite his brief race detour to nab a purse-snatcher, Livingstone-Learmonth didn’t get too far off track and the I Move London race went on to earn a new Guinness World Record for the longest, continuous running relay at a total of 30 days and 30 nights.

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