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Friday Footnotes: Narcissistic Students; Complext Trusts; Perfect Teams | 03.04.16

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Narcissistic Students Get Better Grades from Narcissistic Professors [HBR]

Aubrey McClendon, Restless and Reckless Wildcatter, Was Deal-Making to the End [NYT]

Bernie Sanders’s Plan Would Raise Taxes by 34%, Analysis Finds [WSJ]

Joe Kristan reminds everyone that tomorrow is the 65-day deadline for complex trusts. [Tax Update]

Math Is Hard, IRS Addition [Taxable Talk]

How expected credit loss standards will challenge auditors [JofA]

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team [NYT]

This former CPA now gives shelter dogs free makeovers. [Yahoo]

Panda Express is looking to expand its social media strategy from a food-centric approach to a more holistic one around its values, such as gratitude and generosity. "We want to have deeper conversations on social media," added Mr. Wallinga, "and believe me I want to sell orange chicken, but we want people to understand Panda as a brand, and we think our values help create that understanding more than anything." [AdAge]

Read e-books? Watch Netflix? You're probably a tax cheat [CBC]