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Here Are The Most Popular Going Concern Posts From 2011

Here it is, the final week of 2011 and that means lists! Top 10. Freaky 50. Worst 100. If there's a list to be made, the Internet will provide. And since we're not immune to the power of media clichés, we'll present you with our list of the most popular posts on this here website. 

Compensation – This is silly. We don't have to tell you that discussing salaries, bonuses, and whatnot is the most popular topic on this site. It's like talking gun rights at the Republican National Convention. PwC's new compensation structure and a spreadsheet submitted by a reader was most popular post of 2011 but news of discussions starting at the other Big 4 firms were also of interest to anyone (read: everyone) who felt that the last year entitled them to a bigger paycheck.

Dear Friends and Colleagues, – You know what gets people excited? Leaving a job. Some get so excited that they feel obligated to put their feelings in an email and share it with everyone they've come in contact with in their time at said job. Some opt for a farewell rock video. Some get a little melodramatic. And there are some people who take the opportunity to rant on like some washed up celebrity whose best days are yet to come. Everyone has their own ideas on how best to say good-bye and sometimes just saying "bye" isn't enough.

Mr. Tara Reid – Even with all the strange activity in these firms, the last thing you would expect is for a Big 4 employee to fall bassackwards into the natural disaster that is the whirlwind celebrity marriage. And yet, that's exactly where Deloitte consultant Zack Kehayov found himself. First we discovered that the man was happily wed to trainwreck Tara Reid in Greece back in August only to hear Bunny Lebowski tell TMZ in October that they were never legally married. Sounds like it has all the excitement of another American Pie sequel! At least you can still count on Deloitte for support, Zack.

Death of PwC Auditor in China – It wasn't all fun and games in 2011. The story of a young PwC auditor's death in Shanghai caused a lot of people to wonder if her ridiculous work schedule was partly to blame. Please stay alive this busy season.   

Going Concern March Madness – In the American spirit of college basketball, brackets, and wasting valuable time at work, we introduced the perfect busy season distraction in mid-March: Going Concern March Madness- The Coolest Accounting Firm. The final match-up between Moss Adams and Rothstein Kass turned out to be close match, with RK emerging as the coolest firm for 2011 but there was plenty of stupid fun in the early rounds including the email chain that help Reznick Group upset PwC

Other (dis)honorable mentions:

Is This PwC Auditor Your Next American Idol? – Answer: No but he sings pretty well and seems like a funny guy.

How to Code Those Unbillable Hours: A Guide – Because the time has to go somewhere. 

Latest Epic Video Out of Ernst & Young Includes Lots of Bleeps, Faux-Coffee Diss, Best Lyric Ever – Three words: In. A. JIT.

Grant Thornton Employee Curious If Fellow Accountants Are Sleeping with Partners, Propositioning Colleagues – Some yes, some no. And some get divorced because of Thai hookers.

Analysis: If Your Accounting Firm Was a College Football Team – Better hope you're not Penn State.

Are there any of your favorite stories missing? Tell us below and we're looking forward to more fun in 2012. Thanks for your continued support of Going Concern.