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Friday Footnotes: Another Andersen?; What Employees Want; Bald(ing) Accountants | 12.11.15

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Jim Peterson's book is out and he talked about it with Crain's Chicago.

FASB’s Golden gives spirited defense of impairment project [JofA]

What the ‘Big Short’ Movie Gets Right—and Wrong—About the Financial Crisis [WSJ]

There's a big gap between what CFOs think employees want and what they actually want [BI]

A Federal Tax Credit for Refineries Would Probably Be a Bad Idea [Tax Foundation]

Those who work in Accounting: Are you bald/balding and what % of your coworkers and those in the field would you say are bald/balding? [r/accounting]

Opulent Air Travel Is Reaching a New Level of Lunacy with Seats On Top of the Plane [Gizmodo]

Star Wars: The Force Accounted [Bloomberg]

We’re going to start farming moisture on Mars in 2018, just like the Skywalkers on Tatooine [Quartz]

The ideas that pop into his head are the same ones that occur to any teenager angry about terror attacks. [VF]