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The Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For: Plante Moran #21 (2020)

In the early days of Going Concern, when Caleb and Adrienne were expected to post like eight to 10 articles a day, Caleb used to cover the public accounting firms that made the yearly Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For rankings. Back then, it was the Big 4 and Plante & Moran, and that was it. Fast-forward nine or 10 years, and nothing really has changed, except that Adrienne and I are lucky if we post eight to 10 articles a week and Plante Moran is now ampersand-less.

Caleb eventually got bored writing about the F100BCTWF and stopped. But because we’re still celebrating 10 years of GC and because what’s old is new again and cool and retro and all that, we decided to cover this year’s F100BCTWF as we had done in the past.

And we’re kicking things off with Plante Moran, which must have incriminating photos of Fortune’s editors because the firm has made this ranking nearly every one of the 23 years Fortune has been doing this:

Previous ranking: #21. Here’s why PM made this year’s ranking, according to Fortune:

Retailers have Christmas. Plante Moran has tax season. So throughout the most frenetic time of year for CPAs, the accounting and consulting firm offers free on-site childcare on Saturdays at most offices, complete with a music, science, and drama-related curriculum. In calmer times, flexible working hours and a friendly, tight-knit culture create a strong sense of community. “We recently had an office welcome celebration, and every single partner in the office took a turn in a dunk tank to raise money for charity,” one employee recalls.

Soaking partners in a dunk tank is like a public accountant’s wet dream.

Stats of note:

  • Employees: 3,277
  • Number of job openings: 201 (as of February 2020)
  • Percentage of job growth: 33%
  • Number of new graduates hired: 273
  • Percentage of women: 47.8%
  • Percentage of minorities: 11%
  • Most common salaried job: N/A
  • PTO limit (days): 28
  • Number of sick days: Unlimited

We’ll profile the other five firms that made the 2020 F100BCTWF in the coming days. But congrats to Plante Moran for once again beating out the Big 4. And if anyone at PM knows of there being any unflattering photos of Fortune editors, get in touch.