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Footnotes:The IRS Doesn’t Know Anything About This Reading Emails Without a Warrant You Speak Of | 04.16.13

Just in case your end of busy season party got really out of hand, there's a lawyer who specializes in representing public masturbators. [ATL]

Who wants a Louis Tully t-shirt? [GeeksofDoom]
Corporate Tax Breaks Cost U.S. Government $180 Billion Per Year: GAO Report [Reuters]
What Ever Happened to State Tax Reform? [TaxVox/TPC]
NBA Agent LaPoe Smith Jr. Indicted on Tax-Related Crimes [AWEB]
IRS denies searching emails without warrant "The short answer is we are not taking that position," Steven Miller, the IRS acting commissioner, said in response to questioning from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) during a hearing. [The Hill]
Tax Geeks: Make Tax Filing Easy, Kill The Mortgage Deduction, Tax CPAs [Forbes]
THE ACCIDENTAL PERVERT Will Offer Free Tickets to Accountants in April Just in case you're not in the mood for Spiderman [BroadwayWorld]
American Airlines Resuming Flights After Outage [NYT]
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