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Footnotes: Bad, Bad Auditors; Bernanke Out Under Romney; Preparing for (the Possibility of) Civil War | 08.23.12

Bad Grades Rising at Audit Firms [NYT]

Romney confirms he'd replace Bernanke [The Hill]

Madoff Trustee Cleared to Return $2.4 Billion [WSJ]

The US-China Accounting Standoff [HFN]

Judge Wants Tax Increase To Defend Against (Possible) Civil War [Forbes]

Grover Norquist Opposes Insane Texas Judge’s Tax Plan Asked for a ruling on whether such a tax increase — vital, as it is, to maintaining the sovereignty of the United States, or at least Lubbock — would be kosher, Norquist told us in an e-mail, "Tax increases lead to civil unrest … Google King George/tea/molasses/stamp/tax." In other words, if it's "civil war, maybe" that Head is worried about, raising taxes would be counterproductive. [DI]