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Footnotes: What People Really Do on Conference Calls; Grover Norquist Needs Burning Man Advice; Take Your Vacation Days | 08.20.14

Accounting obscurities mean US settlement with Bank of America might not cost bank $17 billion [AP]

Government Assignment and Financing of Audits? The New York Times Offers a Poisoned Bouquet [T]he NYT’s endorsement of government-administered audit assignments reflects either breath-taking naïveté or an incomprehensible and unworthy lack of understanding of the audit services market – one that has operated exclusively on the “client pays” model since privately-provided assurance was invented in the 1850’s in England and Scotland. [Re:Balance]

I would've guessed "Going to the Restroom" to be higher.

Grover needs your help, Burning Man vets:

If Mitt Romney runs for President in 2016, Paul Ryan has dibs on the bus driver position. [The Hill]

Ten Simple Ways to Make Your Office Look Cleaner Than It Really Is [Lifehacker]

Reminder: Take Your Vacation Days, Idiots A survey from the U.S. Travel Association finds that 41% of you who are lucky enough to have jobs that offer vacation days "do not plan to use" all your paid time off this year. Time for a new plan. The new plan: use all of your paid time off. [Gawker]

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