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Footnotes: Welch Doesn’t Waffle; Mickelson on MNF; Preachin’ Politics | 10.05.12

Monday is a one of those pseudo-holidays so we'll only be making a brief appearance and be back with a full slate on Tuesday. Have a great weekend. 

Madoff fraud's last days recounted in NYC document [AP]

Martin Sullivan recognized his idea for limiting the corporate deduction for interest in the Washington Post [WaPo]

Jack Welch Briefly Emerges From Day Of Back To Back Meetings To Underscore His Seriousness Re: Cooked Jobs Data [DB]

Accounting Makeover for Global Companies Seen Within U.S.: Taxes [BBW]

Chargers. Broncos. Phil Mickelson in a KPMG hat. Books for needy kids. Bad MNF music imitation. [Yahoo]

More on How to pay for Romney's Tax Cuts [Tax Foundation]

Dave & Buster’s Calls Off Its I.P.O. [DealBook]

Departure Memo of the Day: ‘Here’s To The Crazy Ones’ [ATL]

Pastors to defy IRS on political endorsements [Salon]

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