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Accounting News Roundup: Burger King Has Its Non-inversion Reasons; Goal It Up, EY; Unpredictable Work Hours | 08.27.14

Inversion Critics and Investors May Be Misjudging Burger King Deal [DealBook]
Steven Davidoff Solomon piles up evidence that indicates this deal isn't about taxes: "Ontario has a tax rate — 11.5 percent — that is higher than the one in Florida, where Burger King is based now. Canada’s combined rate is still lower than the rate Burger King is paying now, but only by a percentage point or two. United States taxes are unlikely to rise for companies, but the same cannot be said of taxes in Canada, where the population seems much more open to increases."

Consider this your Twitter-sourced pep talk, EY!.

KPMG and EY win major listed company audits [Accountancy Age]
Pennon Group dumped PwC for EY; Quintain Estates sticks with KPMG.

Ex-KPMG director denies expenses fraud [HS]
Brian Chapman claims he "[did] not set out to be deliberately dishonest": "[Chapman] commuted by air between Edinburgh to London, made 52 duplicate claims for expenses between 2007 and 2011 totalling £40,771.94p, including for various business trips to China, Toronto, Frankfurt, Prague and Chicago. Chapman, from Glasgow, also claimed £4,211.55 for other flights which were later cancelled and refunded to his personal account, prosecutor Hugo Lodge said."

Unpredictable Work Hours Are Stressing Too Many People Out [HBR]
This should sound familiar to capital market servants: "Employees at Boston Consulting Group, one of the most elite workplaces there is, suffered the stress created by lack of control over their work hours. Deborah Lovich, a BCG Partner who engaged Harvard Business School Professor Leslie Perlow, writes: 'The big problem wasn’t so much the long hours and incessant travel. Our consultants expected that when they joined BCG. Rather, Perlow discovered, it was the complete lack of predictability or control they had over their daily lives.' "

Toddler Surprised By Ice Bucket Challenge Swears Harder Than a Sailor [Jezebel]
This will be the best part of your morning.

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