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Footnotes: The Unemployed, the Cats, and the Plan For This Week | 01.14.14

Ed. note: last reminder, I'm in Maryland tomorrow for CPA Day with the MACPA and Colin is running around in the UK with TPTB so don't expect much from us for the rest of the week. I have to run up to NYC after CPA Day to save a cat (no joke, I reserved him yesterday through the NYC rescue I foster for), so it'll be that much crazier. We're counting on you to entertain yourselves and send in tips if you have grievances to air, but hopefully I'll be able to check in from Annapolis throughout the day. ~AG

12 year olds are now shooting up schools. Great. [CBS]

A friend of mine back in San Francisco just died of H1N1, so please be safe out there, kiddos [CBCNews]

Why do I feel like BloombergBusinessweek is trolling with the headline "The Accounting Wizardry Behind Banks’ Strong Earnings" that they clearly changed after the fact? Well played, BB [BB]

From the GC tip box today: "Today, 1/14, is "National Dress Up Your Pet Day."  Adrienne, you should 1) google image that because cutesies; and 2) post a pic of your cat(s) dressed up.  You know you have done it."

Dude, on it, here's my cross-eyed foster cat Moses (who got adopted this week!) in his mohawk skull hoodie:

Same sex couples in Idaho are single filing… single [Idaho Statesman]

The Senate hates unemployed people [POLITICO]