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Accounting News Roundup: Angry Accountant Is Redundant; ObamaCare Website Fixer and Tax Havens; Another Billionaire Spared! | 01.15.14

The Case of the Angry Accountant [HBR]
Does this sound like anyone you know? "He was one of the angriest people I had ever met, frequently shouting at his subordinates and peers, sometimes even at clients in arrears of their payments or waiters who “delayed” bringing him his coffee.  At other times he would just rage generally at the government and the taxman for their stupidity and unreasonableness. But we all just shrugged and ignored his outbursts because he was extremely good at his job and earned the company a lot of money."

Obamacare Website Fixer Has Thing for Tax Havens [Bloomberg]
Jonathan Weil has a question: "If you had to hire an outside company to run the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's enrollment website, which would you rather have: a goody-two-shoes outfit that doesn't know what it's doing or a competent, well-known consulting firm that makes liberal use of offshore tax havens?"

Beanie Baby Maker Ty Warner Avoids Jail in Tax Case [Bloomberg]
No expects billionaires to serve time, do they?

Camp: Pause IRS Regs on NonProfits [Bloomberg]
Can. Kicked. Road. 

N.J. lawmakers vow to tackle property taxes, offer no specifics [PI]
One of the most accurate headlines you'll read today.

Drug agencies seeing blue meth on streets [KOB]
I'm surprised it took this long.

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