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Footnotes: Twitter’s Taxes; The Ultimate Sentence for Fraud; And With This, I Depart | 11.05.13

Acting Ed. note: Funny my final Footnotes for Colin's vacay might be the latest Footnotes EVER, except for those of you on the West Coast (California HOLLLLLLAAAA) who are probably still at work. My bad, I had stuff to do this evening. Anyhoo, as far as I know, Colin should be back tomorrow… he better be, I've about had it with this grind and will need a nice long vacation. Thanks again for hanging with me, kids, it's been fun. You all were fabulous company as usual and I really appreciated your quality comments this week, I love it when we can all play nice and have a good time. Let's do this again some time but not any time soon, I'm tired. Love, AG

Stock options may save tech companies billions in U.S. taxes: report Twitter Inc and 11 other technology companies have enough stock-option tax breaks to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes over the next several years, a consumer group said on Tuesday. [Reuters]

In a different take on the stock options story, Huffington Post basically just accused Twitter of tax dodging. OUCH MAN [HuffPo]

Bart Chilton is leaving the CFTC and apparently no one saw that coming [DealBook]

Fifth Third Reaches Tentative Pact With SEC Over Accounting Probe [Dow Jones]

The SEC is poking around Linn Energy's non-GAAP accounting [Reuters]

A Chinese woman has been sentenced to death for a $200 million fraud [AP]

Lawyer Describes Fraud, Lies, and Acrimony in $19 Billion Chevron Case [BB]

How to avoid fraud in the workplace [CPA Practice Advisor]

OH EM GEE, you guys, do the royals get an unfair tax advantage? [Gawker]

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