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Footnotes: Twitter’s ‘Everything But the Bad Stuff’; Europe Still Talking About Auditor Rotation; Lauryn Hill’s Big Day | 10.04.13

Mario's Tweets: Twitter celebrity name-dropping reflects novel IPO risk [Reuters]

Jon Weil loves Mark Cuban's explanation of EBITDA as "a term companies use when they want to make it seem like they're doing better than they are." He loves the explanation even more as a way to describe Twitter's non-GAAP measurements in its S-1. [Jonathan Weil/Bloomberg]

The EU has decided to talk about starting to talk about audit rotation. Or something. [Reuters]

Orthodontist sues to reinstate employer mandate in health care law [JofA]

The man arrested for allegedly embezzling $100k from David Locey, the Sturgis, Michigan CPA who was found dead earlier this week is now suspected of murder. [WWMT]

I can hardly believe the Wall Street Journal found someone to write an op-ed saying that ObamaCare wrecks work ethic. [WSJ]

Lauryn Hill has completed her prison sentence for tax evasion and marked the day by releasing a new song. Productive day! [RS]

Since it's all things Twitter this week, here's the worst 73 accounts in sports. [Deadspin]

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