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Footnotes: TurboTax Loves You; Audit Group Requests “Name and Shame”; Rich People Feeling Stunned | 04.14.14

TurboTax Conspiring To Keep You Hooked On TurboTax Tomorrow is the last day you can pay $30 to have a stock image of a guy in a blazer tell you how much money you owe the federal and state governments. If you haven't already used TurboTax, you might want to reconsider, given that their parent company is part of a corporate conspiracy to ensure that you'll be forever trading what measly refund you get for the privilege of using their service, which the IRS could potentially offer you for free. [Gothamist]

IRS to get around to that whole exempt group thing people are worked up about [USA Today]

WaPo and Guardian got Pulitzer props for the Snowden news. Not surprisingly, GC has been skipped over for our hard-hitting @LifeatDeloitte trolling AGAIN [LA Times]

Britain's accounting watchdog wants right to "name and shame" Britain's auditing watchdog wants the right to "name and shame" when it asks a company to make changes to its accounts – a relatively rare request and one that can embarrass the company and its accountants. [Reuters]

Warren Buffett has gone to the birds. Rather, the ducks [Bloomberg]

Higher 2013 U.S. taxes surprise some investors, tax preparers say [Reuters]

Gisele Bundchen blames the Forbes rich list for her IRS audits, which found no tax trouble [Orlando Sentinel]

H&R Block Doesn't Want to Do Your Penny-Ante Taxes Leading up to Tuesday’s tax deadline, H&R Block spiked its free service for bare-bones filings and made it more difficult for customers with more complicated finances to find a free or discounted option on its online platform. This year, a greater share of those customers were funneled into upgrades, and the company raised prices overall, though it won’t say by how much until after the deadline. [BBW]

Friendly reminder: don't tweet terrorist threats to airlines, even if you are "joking" [Daily Mail]