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Footnotes: Thar Be Jobs, Kids!; Regulators Heart Big Data; Another Celebrity v Accountant | 02.21.14

Securities Regulators Go Big on Big Data [CFO Journal]

TGIF for normal people, this for Footnoted [Twitter]

If you're looking to get hired in Portland, maybe check here [Portland Biz Journal]

And hey look, they're doing it in Baltimore too. [Baltimore Biz Journal]

FASB Votes to Limit Insurance Accounting Changes [Accounting Today]

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant is getting in on the celebrity accountant-hating bandwagon. BRO. [ESPN]

The largest Medicaid fraud bust ever in DC just went down. Don't look at me, I've been in Richmond most of this month. [CBS]

Now would really be the time to move to Colorado, I think some of these weed people could really use good CPAs, y'all [CNN Money]

ICYMI: So the Ferris Bueller glass house sat on the market for like EVER (derp, economy) but wait no longer, famous house, you be sold!  After four years on the market, the 'adult treehouse' that featured in the 1980s cult classic 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' has finally sold. Originally listed in 2009 at $2.3 million, the price was cut to $1.5 million, and was purchased earlier this week after another reduction to $1.25 million. The house was built in 1953 by Ben Rose, an architect and hand screened textile and wallpaper designer. He and his wife Frances, were the only owners of the A. James Speyer-designed building.[Daily Mail]