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Footnotes: Tax the Rich; Deloitte To Get Touchy-Feely; A “Dead” Banker Back To Life | 1.02.14

Welcome back, kids! Did everyone have a nice holiday? Still hungover? Are my fellow East Coasters all stocked up on milk, bread and toilet paper? Good. We are fully committed to making this the best year on Going Concern EVER so do us a favor and give us a shout if there's anything we can do for you (aside from making your hangover disappear, we'll let you know if and when we solve that one).

We're picking a fight with CalCPA on Twitter right now over whether she is ours or there's BUT our beloved Amber Setter wrote a great piece for the CalCPA member magazine on "Love and the CPA Exam" [CalCPA]

'Dead' Banker Arrested in $21 Million Fraud Charges [ABC]

Low-tech fraud is a thing [BB]

Why Taxing the Rich is Great [Slate]

Did you get on the list to populate Mars? I could think of a few people I'd like to send… [Reuters]

My favorite headline of the day: "Wal-Mart Adds DNA Tests in China After Donkey Meat Recall" or, alternatively, "This Meat Tastes Like Ass!" [Bloomberg]

Two Cincinnati accounting firms you've never heard of have joined up to create one of the area's largest accounting firms you've never heard of [Cincinnati Business Courier]

Deloitte is going to get all touchy-feely in 2014 [Computing]

Tax Pet Food? Even Amazon Can't Define It [Forbes]