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Footnotes: Tax Prof Victim of Alleged Hate Crime, Citigroup Is SO Fun, An Email You Never Want to Receive | 09.14.12

Did the Government Profit From AIG? That's the Wrong Question Treasury never uses the term "profit," even in press releases. The term it does use, "positive return", is a non-Generally Accepted Accounting Principles metric. Treasury has sunk to the level of a social commerce IPO like Groupon, whose infamous Consolidated Segment Operating Income (CSOI) –which was slammed by the Securities and Exchange Commission – glossed over losses to convince investors there was a gain instead. [AB]

Police Investigate Alleged Hate Crime Directed at University of Florida Tax Prof Also see this report from ATL. [TaxProf]

Citigroup Puts the Fun Back in Taking Huge Losses [Bloomberg]

An analyst says Brian Stevens must bring credibility to Groupon's numbers [NASDAQ]

Ex-UBS Trader Kweku Adoboli’s E-Mail to Accountant [Bloomberg]

US, UK sign tax agreement [The Hill]

Nearly nude driver gets 18-month prison term for leading police on high-speed chase [NH]