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Footnotes: Target’s Answer to Fraud; Welcome to the IRS John K—whatever; Life at Deloitte’s Communication Problem | 12.20.13

Wilfs must post $110 million bond in fraud case [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

Target responds to the massive data breach with a 10% discount for EVERYONE. Bring cash. [CNN Money]

Bad news for BlackBerry. It's cool, I sold off my shares a long time ago, so you can still find me on BBM. HOLLA! [LA Times]

But wait, what's this? BlackBerry may not be doomed after all [USA Today]

Let's give our new IRS Commissioner a warm welcome [Forbes]

A funeral director and an "occasional" employee were busted for insurance fraud [TribLive]

EU loses triple-A credit rating [Sydney Morning Herald]

The economy is great, y'all! [WSJ]

Can any readers help Life at Deloitte with this issue? [Twitter]