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Someone Break It to ‘UK’s Youngest Accountant’ That Accounting Is a Sh*tty Way to Become a Millionaire

CEO boy

Guys, allow me to introduce you to the UK’s “youngest accountant.” He’s making the rounds in the rags across the pond, so we figured we’d give him his 15 minutes of fame here in the good ole U.S. of A as well because we’re just generous like that.

Ranveer Singh Sandhu is a 15-year-old “entrepreneur” with big dreams who started an accounting firm out of his house at 12. It must be an exceptionally slow week in news over there because for some reason the papers decided to center half a dozen stories around this kid who, bless his heart, says he isn’t going to college and plans to be a millionaire in 10 years. Oh sweetie, aren’t you cute.

In 2014, we profiled then 17-year-old Belicia Cespedes, a young lady from California who started her bachelor’s degree at just 13 and passed the CPA exam just four years later. She studied for 14 hours straight some days while most of her peer group was out partying and immortalizing embarrassing moments for eternity via Instagram. Some might argue she missed out on the all-important teenage years, but whatever, kudos to her. Her parents hoped Guinness Book of World Records would name her the youngest CPA in history.

Meanwhile, this Ranveer kid says fuck college. Look, kid, I’m not trying to piss on your dreams or anything but being an accountant — and a successful one at that — isn’t like an illustrious career in tabloid blogging, you can’t drop out of school and rely on your wily charms for success like some of us *cough*.

Let’s see what he has to say about his future plans:

“I have always known what I wanted to do – I decided when I wanted to be an accountant was when I was 12 years old. It isn’t that hard juggling school and my business, I haven’t had that much stress. My clients are surprised when they find out my age, but my friends find what I do quite inspiring. Everyone loves what I do and people are very supportive of my business – my parents are impressed with how far I have come and how I have managed to do this all on my own. My plan for the future is to become a millionaire and expand my business.

You know how much the average licensed accountant in the UK makes? I don’t actually know, I’m asking. Anyway, I’m sure it’s nowhere near a million dollars, even with the currency conversion. Get real, my dude.

No mention of who his clients actually are but the Mirror article does say they are fellow “young entrepreneurs” which makes me think this kid is in for a hell of a wake-up call when he realizes his classmate’s weed business isn’t going to catapult him to a successful career in accounting. I mean how the fuck do his clients not know he’s 15?

You might be asking yourself what makes Ranveer qualified to be the UK’s ‘youngest accountant.’ I’m so glad you asked! At 12, he completed a Level 3 CPD basic accounting certificate, which as far as I can tell is a 60 hour, $300 course that anyone, probably even my cat who actually possesses better than average accounting skills for a cat having been born on Tax Day, could take. You’re allowed as many retakes as it takes to pass, and in the course description it states you don’t need any previous knowledge whatsoever. Topics covered include:

  • Accounting
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Fundamental Accounting Concepts
  • The Double Entry Accounting System
  • The Financial Statements
  • Analyzing, Recording, and Classifying Transactions
  • Adjusting Entries
  • Closing Entries, Post-Closing Trial Balance, and Reversing

Well shit. Accounting and Intro to Accounting? Damn, no wonder this kid is feeling like he’s well on his way to a cool million in a decade.

Look, like I said, I don’t want to rain on your parade kid but it’s gonna take a lot more than some sketchy certificate to make a million dollars in accounting. Like, I dunno, real world experience that doesn’t include your aunt’s MLM losses and, you know, a degree. I mean, when I was 15 I was convinced I was going to be the next big American science fiction writer and look at me now, I’m an old tired drunk who never wrote a novel with my byline on a shitty accounting tabloid. Better to accept your fate now rather than lament on what could have been but never was later.

Ranveer, who does not plan to go to university, said: “My parents have always helped me from the beginning.

“My ambition is to make quite a lot of money out of it, expand my business and make it international while helping young people start their businesses at the same time.

“I want to accomplish everything by the age of 25 – I still have 10 years left.

“I plan to spend my money on investing in properties, building an empire of properties and when I passed my driving test, buy myself a car.”

I mean, what Fortune 500 company wouldn’t want to trust their business to a teenager with an online accounting certificate? It seems like a no-brainer really. Literally, no brains.

Good luck, kid. You’ll need it. And hey, if you decide to stop screwing around and pursue a career in the Big 4, come visit us in a few years to let us know how it’s going.