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Footnotes: So Far White House, Congress Meet Expectations; Worst. Deal. Ever.; Kris Kringle’s Books | 11.30.12

Boehner: Fiscal Talks at Stalemate [WSJ]

Accounting Update November 2012 Greg Kyte catches everyone up on the fiscal cliff in his stand-up routine. [YouTube]

Skeptical Investor Puts Trust In Ratings Agency [DB]

No, That Was Not The Largest Contract In Mets History: Ruining Everyone’s Fun Through Inflation Adjustment [Deadspin]

H.P.’s Blunder for the Record Books [NYT]

The IRS is auctioning off 11 vintage Harley Davidsons tomorrow morning, if you're in the market for some vintage Harley Davidsons and don't mind driving to Elkmont, Alabama. [WHNT]

Congress considers swapping $1 bill for coin to save cash [The Hill]

Yes, You’re Allowed to Check Your Phone During Sex [Gizmodo]

Santa, Inc.: By the Numbers [ParenteBeard]

Psychopaths, 'Dark' Personalities Better At Making Themselves Look Attractive, Study Suggests An actual study. [HP]

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