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Footnotes: Sucks to be Herbalife; Barry Minkow Back at It Again; Trolling WEF | 01.23.14

The FBI warns of more Target-type attacks ahead [Reuters]

Hollywood Conservative Group Grapples With IRS Scrutiny As It Seeks Tax-Exempt Status [Variety]

Herbalife is not having a good day [Bloomberg]

Land Value Tax Won't Fix San Francisco [Slate]

A ship full of cannibal rats floating around in the ocean might hit land [Gawker]

Conman Minkow convicted of fraud…again [AP]

California is getting a little pushy with non-filers [The Tribune]

While the World Economic Forum is talking about global cybersecurity, it appears they forgot to guard their own sheep. OR maybe they are just getting trolled. A WEF spokesman told the Guardian not to take High-Tech Bridge's claims seriously, saying that the firm was "trolling" having failed to secure a contract with the forum. "It's deeply unprofessional behaviour by any company to go around trying to troll for business," the spokesman added. "We review all of our stuff as we go along, we review it internally and externally, and we're satisfied with the security we have in place on our website. [Guardian]