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Footnotes: Some Scandalous Detroit Accountant; More Fun With EY Interns; Stateless Income? | 08.06.13

Just because Jeff Bezos now owns the Washington Post doesn't mean WonkBlog won't immediately put Amazon's lobbying activities on blast. Oh DC, you're so cute. [WonkBlog]

Former FBI Director Freeh Seeks $1 Million Fee for MF Global Work [Dow Jones]

Stateless income is a thing and the IRS doesn't like it [Forbes]

Ex-Detroit Public Schools Accountant, Teacher Convicted In Fraud Scheme “Anyone who considers stealing from our school children should take note that we are scrutinizing records and conduct, and will prosecute wrongdoers,” McQuade said in a statement. [CBS Detroit/WWJ]

“Pit Bull” CFO Drives Detroit Turnaround []

PwC Boston plans to move to sweet new digs [Boston Business Journal]

Apparently EY's European interns are running wild and then this happened. Don't ask us to translate, the pic says it all [Facebook]

Speaking of EY and Facebook but back in the states, we have to give props to this troll on the EY US Careers Facebook page. We can wait if you need some time to respond, EY PR team. [Facebook]

Companies Getting a Jump on New Revenue Recognition Standard (excerpt, subscription/trial required for full article) [Compliance Week]

Oh and not at all accounting-related but please, trolls, remember your behavior from behind the alleged shroud of Internet anonymity impacts real people. Good thing Colin and I are totally used to it. And at least one of us drinks a lot to dull the pain you all cause (not gonna name names but it's basically me) [Daily Mail]

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