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Footnotes: Snapc$^t; The Crown Jewel of Global Standards; Jailhouse Accountants | 05.28.14

Snapchat CEO reveals in the douchiest way possible why you shouldn't use Snapchat [Valleywag]

Did IRS illegally specially scrutinize “Israel-related organizations”? [Volokh Conspiracy via WaPo]

Cynical people are more likely to experience dementia in their old age. So, basically, it's been nice knowing you. Who am I, again? []

S.E.C. Vows More Use of a Little-Used Tool No, they don't mean a porn blocker [DealBook]

The company that makes Cialis wants you to be able to buy it over the counter because boners matter [USA Today]

New accounting rule a boost for investors Christoph Hütten, chief accounting officer at German computer software company SAP, called the initiative a “crown jewel of the effort of global standards”. [FT]

Jailed accountant now helping prisoners with tax problems Talking to economia, Retout said, “I took part in the business start up class in Wandsworth prison. “As soon as they knew I was a chartered accountant, [the inmates] started asking me how they could manage their tax affairs.” [economia]

Delay Sought in S.E.C. Case Against Steven Cohen [DealBook]

Sure, you could boycott Amazon. But then how are you gonna get stuff? [Gawker]