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Footnotes: Setting a Date for Tax Reform (Sort of); Romney vs. Reid, Round 2; Banks’ Shady Customers | 08.03.12

House votes to start considering tax reform by April 30, 2013 [DMWT]

Romney to Harry Reid: I pay "a lot of taxes" [CBS]

Polish Shot Put Gold Medalist’s Celebration Nearly Interrupts Women’s 10K Final, Ends In Evil Laugh [Deadspin]

Cocaine Cowboys Know Best Places to Bank Maybe if the bankers were the ones spraying machine-gun fire in the streets, that might spur the U.S. government to take meaningful, punitive action. Short of that, you have to wonder if anything would. Too-big-to-fail isn’t merely an economic problem. It is a great moral failing of our society that poisons our democracy. [Bloomberg]

Tax deal unlikely before election, says GOP Rep. Pete King [The Hill]

Son of Peregrine CEO Had Planned to Leave Firm [WSJ]

Treasury to Sell $5 Billion Worth of AIG Stock [CNBC/Reuters]