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Footnotes: Secure the Doors, We’ve Got an Escapee; One Accountant’s Charming Hobby; A Story of Identity Theft That is Just “Good Enough” | 12.19.13

Virginia CPA Draws SEC Ban in Bank Audit A Virginia accountant, who gave an unqualified opinion about the financial statements of a bank that later collapsed, has been suspended from practice before the SEC. The agency found that CPA James Vincent Poti failed to follow up warnings from an internal auditor about a lack of financial controls – along with his own doubts – or test whether the bank had established a large enough allowance for risky loans. [The Progressive Accountant]

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says we should hurry up and lift the debt ceiling OH GOD NOT THIS AGAIN [USA Today]

How one accountant finds joy — but little to no money — in performing music [MSL]

RED ALERT and release the hounds, "Alyssa" is trying to sneak out of work early and must be stopped:


Miami sues big banks over discriminatory mortgage lending [Reuters]

It's lonely at the top for the only female CEO among Sweden's top companies Government quotas that force companies to put more women on boards, such as Norway’s requirement of at least 40 percent and similar measures in Spain and France, aren’t the answer, Falkengren said. “It is awful to feel that you have been asked to do a job just because there is a quota,” she said. “The threat of quotas is probably needed, but I have a lot of respect for the owners of the capital, and they should be able to decide who sits on that board.” [BB]

Mitch McConnell plans to hate on that new IRS guy… Koski-what's-his-name [Washington Times]

"I couldn't think of anything that rhymed with $98,561, but that's how much we have to raise before midnight on December 31st." [The Hill]

How a crappy trader and gambler made life hell for one taxpayer… until the taxpayer fought to take his good name back [CNBC]

Some clown robbed a bank, then got robbed himself [HuffPo]

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