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Frankenstorm Updates: Accounting Firm Closures and One Guy’s CPA Exam Is Cancelled

As you may have heard, there's a bit of a storm brewing on the east coast. Everything is more or less closed but if your firm is of the general opinion that the heavy stuff won't be coming down for quite a while and there's no reason you shouldn't be at the office until the lights go out, please let us know (and some pictures might be nice).  
Here are some of the updates from the accounting world that we have so far:
  • We have at least one report that a Prometric location in Philadelphia is closed thereby ruining someone's CPA exam preparation:

  • Our friends at the MACPA have cancelled their seminars that were scheduled for today and tomorrow.
  • McGladrey offices in Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut are closed today. The Boston office remains open today as of circa 11 am. Here's the latest from the tip line: "The Boston McGladrey office was told they are not closing today and urged employees to be productive. The entire city of Boston is closed, including all public transportation. The state shut down highways and the governor ordered all businesses to close. But McGladrey is apparently immune to such trivial matters." MBTA is closing at 2 pm ET. We suggest you get out of there. UPDATE: A McGladrey spokesperson told us via email that "local and regional leaders […] make decisions regarding potential changes in work schedules/locations and travel for our employees to help ensure their safety," and that "many employees in our Boston office are working from home."
  • From one of our Twitter followers: "Most of the KPMG offices up and down the East Coast are closed today. Standard 'stay safe but try to stay chargeable' email went out."
  • Here's an email from the NY PwC Metro PIC:
From :      Metro Region Announcements
To :         NY Metro Partners and Staff
Sent on : 10/28 04:08:01 PM EDT
Subject : UPDATE: Hurricane Sandy – Security Advisory
Hurricane Sandy is currently off the coast of the Carolinas and will continue to impact the Mid-Atlantic and New England states.  Effects are beginning now and are expected to peak Sunday night through Tuesday. High winds, damaged trees, coastal and river flooding, property damage, and extended power outages continue to be the key concerns with the storm.
In preparation for the storm, both NY and NJ Transit Authorities are beginning system-wide shut downs this evening.  This includes Metro North, LIRR, NJ Rail & Light Rail, NYC Subways and Bus Services across our region.   You should monitor the transportation websites such as ALERT.MTA.INFO or NJTRANSIT.COM for detailed information.
Office Status & Business Continuity:
Our crisis teams are in contact with the building owners' management teams.  At this time, we can report Brookfield Properties intends to have 300 Madison open.  We do not yet have official pronouncements from the other building owners as of this time. However, your safety is our utmost priority and therefore, regardless of the building management decisions, we ask that you plan to work from home tomorrow (Monday) and depending on the severity and progress of the storm, on Tuesday as well.
Please stay in communication with your engagement manager or team supervisor for clarity with respect to workload priorities and client needs.  Use Sametime to maintain contact with colleagues and those that may need you.
If you have a scheduled flight to/from the impacted areas on Monday or Tuesday, most airlines are waiving cancellation and change fees. You may cancel and re-book on Voyager2 24/7.  If you require additional assistance,  American Express Business Travel is available to assist you, however, please note that fees will be applied when calling after normal business hours (M – F, 8am – 8pm, EST).   While American Express Business Travel is staffing up to handle the expected heavy call volume, do expect lengthy hold times due to the projected broad scale impact of this storm.  You may contact American Express Business Travel at 1-877-PWC-HELP option #3, option #1.
Please charge your cellular devices today so that you can continue to receive email and voicemail communications.  Follow news reports throughout the storm.  And adhere to guidance provided by local, state, and government authorities.  We are uncertain at this time if the office will be open on Tuesday.  We will plan to release communications via email and voicemail on Monday evening to inform you of the office status.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected] or call the PwC Emergency Hotline (1-888-755-1515).
Stay safe,
If a superior still needs help understanding the severity of the storm, just have him or her cruise the Weather Channel for five minutes. Seriously. Be safe, everyone. We'll update you as people report in.