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Footnotes: SEC Bugs CFOs; Inclusion Solutions; The Cost of Compliance | 07.10.14

SEC’s ‘Dear CFO’ Letter on XBRL Calculation Requirements The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s latest “Letter to Industry” – aka "Dear CFO Letter" – provides a not-so-gentle reminder that issuers must include required “calculation relationships” pertaining to eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) provided in their Form 10-Q quarterly reports. [FEI]

So, this exists [Twitter]

White House Opposes House GOP’s Bonus Depreciation Bill [AWeb]

What Good Is a Crash to Prevent a Crash? Sayeth Noah Smith: "Conclusion: The Fed has raised asset prices, but there’s no sign that it has caused an irrational rise in prices." [Bloomberg View]

Amazon is getting sued because you let your kid rack up in-app charges [Reuters]

Regulatory compliance costs American households $15,000 EACH [The Economist]

You gotta play to #win #or #something [Twitter]

How Gowex CEO Went From Defiant to Disgraced in Five Days [Bloomberg]

The little secrets of our happiness: How finding a fiver in your pocket or sleeping on fresh bed sheets are the things that put us in a good mood OMG that's all it takes? Here I thought it was alcohol and yelling at people that were the key to happiness. [Daily Mail]