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Footnotes: Schroders Dumps PwC for KPMG; The Accounting Worry List for 2013; Another Ban the IRS Bill | 01.08.13

Schroders ditches PwC as auditor Schroders is jettisoning PwC as its auditor after more than half a century in a sign that big companies are becoming more sensitive to claims they are too cosy with the people vetting their accounts. The FTSE 100 fund manager has instead given KPMG, the rival audit firm, the mandate to scrutinise its books on behalf of shareholders after a tender process that started last year. [FT]

Happy New Year — What's On the Accounting and Assurance "Worry List" for 2013? [Re:Balance]

Rep. Rob Woodall of Georgia (R) introduced legislation to abolish the IRS. [USAT]

U.S. board sets accounting rules on mergers for state government [Reuters]

AIG’s Directors Will Spend Tomorrow Pretending That They Might Sue The Government [This meeting] is for humoring Hank Greenberg, and the way you humor people who have lots of high-priced lawyers is by giving their high-priced lawyers a chance to talk to other high-priced lawyers for a long time, with PowerPoint. [DB]

KPMG expects bigger payouts to MF Global UK clients [Reuters]
Idaho Governor Calls for Eliminating Tax on Business Assets [TF]
Bank of America sure does like to settle lawsuits. [WSJ]
Here's an unfunny story about a guy named Caleb who allegedly tried to strangle his girlfriend with his dreadlocks. What is funny is the Associated Press explaining what dreadlocks are. [AP]
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