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Footnotes: PwC Irish Eyes Are Frowning; Possible Tax Implications for Private Equity; A Real Housewife of Tax Fraud (Allegedly!) | 07.29.13

Gartner, Inc. is looking for Tax Manager in Stamford, CT. Do you have 5+ years experience an MST/CPA? Get on it. [GCJ] 

PwC sued for €1bn over Quinn insurance collapse [FT]

The AICPA Council voted to offer the ABV, CFF, CITP, and PFS credentials outside the U.S. [JofA]

Here's fraud expert Tracy Coenen discussing litigation work for accountants. [Fraud Files]

Court of Appeals Finds a Trade or Business: Could this Mean Higher Taxes for Private Equity? [T]he First Circuit concluded that private equity funds that actively manage the operations of their portfolio companies are engaged in a trade or business.  It does not matter whether a fund has employees or offices, or if its management company has the employees and offices.  The key is whether the fund’s activities (including those of its management company) exceed those of a typical investor.  That extra effort, of course, is the essence of private equity business and is used to justify the huge fees the funds charge their investors. [TaxVox/TPC]

ICYMI: The IAASB has issued new proposals for the auditor's report. [IFAC] 

Baucus Squeezed on All Sides as He Seeks Tax Rewrite Support [Bloomberg]

Teresa Giudice (aka "Shrill Harpy") and her husband Joe are facing 30 years in prison after being indicted for tax fraud and numerous other criminal charges. [Gawker]

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