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Footnotes: Pimpin’ Actually *Was* Easy for This Accountant | 02.19.13

An accountant jailed for moonlighting as a pimp says that of 40 to 50 prostitutes he had, he only had sex with 5 or 10 of them. [Daily Mail]

Business executives pessimistic about tax reform [The Hill]

Tax Havens: The Second Crusade [Robert Goulder]

RSA dumping Deloitte for KPMG as its auditor will probably be cited by the Big 4 as evidence of a fiercely competitive market. [FT]

Don’t Rely on the “Journal of Accountancy” for the Straight Skinny on IFRS [Accounting Onion]

Deloitte seems eager to find an angle in the year of the hack. [Deloitte]

Murder Suspect on the Run from the Law for Over a Year Turns Himself In, Told the Police Station is Closed [Gawker]

“I’m Not a Genius, Just a Tremendous Bundle of Experience” Face it. You're going to say that in an interview one day. [LH]


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