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Footnotes: Phil Mickelson’s Risky Bet, More on Deloitte, Standard Chartered, and Tax-free Medals | 08.07.12

Deloitte and Standard Chartered Bank: In Service To Profit Above All [Forbes]

Does the Revolving Door Affect the SEC’s Enforcement Outcomes? [AAA]

The Value Of The San Diego Padres Grew $300 Million In Three Years Because Baseball Owners Are Stupid Phil Mickelson was once known as a serious gambler. He bet obsessively on NFL games, even though he knew he wouldn't win. We don't say this lightly: This is the worst wager of his career. [Deadspin]

Olympic Legends Jackie Joyner-Kersee And Bobby Kersee Face New Tax Troubles [Forbes]
Tax-Free Olympic Boodle is Gold Medal Stupidity President Obama and conservative GOP senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) agree: Olympic medals and the cash awards that go with them should be tax-exempt. This is the dumbest idea of the summer—and in our overheated campaign season, that’s saying something. [TaxVox]
Tax Questions Remain Over Gift Card Accounting [CFOJ (Subscription)]