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Accounting News Roundup: New Revenue Recognition Delayed; HP and Deloitte Workin’ It Out; How to Stop Losing Millennial Talent | 04.02.15

FASB Defers Revenue Recognition Standard for 1 Year [AT]
Mark your calendars: "[P]ublic entities would apply the new revenue standard to annual reporting periods beginning after Dec. 15, 2017. Nonpublic entities would apply the new revenue standard to annual reporting periods beginning after Dec. 15, 2018."

S.E.C. Fires Warning Shot About Confidentiality Agreements [DealBook]
The Commission didn't like KBR's attempt to force employees to sign a restrictive confidentiality agreement because it might discourage whistleblowers.

Tilton, Patriarch Say SEC Violated Constitutional Rights [Bloomberg]
Lynn Tilton, charged with fraud by the SEC, will not be taking this lying down: "Tilton and her firm sued the Securities and Exchange Commission in Manhattan federal court two days after the agency accused them of misleading investors about the value of risky pools of corporate loans. She is seeking to block the agency from pursuing its case in administrative court, where there’s no jury and discovery is limited."

HP in talks with Deloitte over Autonomy auditing claims [Telegraph]
This will help avoid a potentially embarassing public fight for them.

How to Stop Losing Your Talented Millennials [CFO]
Give them decent career opportunities: "Millennials were 11% more likely than their older colleagues to place “future career opportunity” among their top five attributes, and also more likely to so value “development opportunity” (6% gap) and “growth rate” (5% gap)."  

How Being a Worrywart Helps at Work [WSJ]
In short, it pumps people up: "A little worry can motivate people to be more persistent in doing difficult tasks, studies show. Some people actually summon up a certain amount of worry or fear before starting especially tough assignments, research shows. Others who are too cheery learn to recruit downbeat colleagues to provide some of the caution or realism they need."

The Horrific April Fools Pranks of the 19th Century [Factually.Gizmodo]
Including: putting gunpowder in a pepper shaker.