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Footnotes: Obama’s Tax Plan; NFL’s Tax Status; Charities’ Lobbying Efforts | 10.25.12

CEOs’ self-serving deficit manifesto [T]he letter basically just says “please cut our taxes, raise taxes on everybody else, and cut the benefits they get from Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, which are programs we individually don’t rely upon”. It’s gross self-interest masquerading as public statesmanship. [Felix Salmon, Earlier]

What Is Barack Obama’s Tax Plan? [TaxVox]

Randy Robason and Daniel Galante have new leadership positions at Grant Thornton. [GT]

Diamond Foods expands restatement periods [MW]

FYI: The NFL is a NFP. [AJC via TaxProf]

Charitable coalition urges Obama, Romney to leave deduction alone “Data suggests that for every dollar a donor gets in tax relief for his or her donation, the public typically receives three dollars of benefit. No other tax provision generates that kind of public impact.” [The Hill]

Man arrested for burglary after victim finds him in backyard According to a press release issued by Clarksville Police spokesman Officer Jim Knoll, on Oct. 19, around 10:15 a.m., the victim returned to his home on Dalewood Drive and discovered someone had entered the residence. He also discovered several items had been taken. He found Kylan Brock, a man he knew but had not authorized to enter his home, standing in the backyard with a beer in one hand and another beer in his back pocket, the release said. The victim told police that when he contronted Brock about his presence, Brock said he had been inside the home and took the beer from the refrigerator. [Tennessean]

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