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Footnotes: Obama’s Broken AMT Promise; SEC Still Chasing Deloitte Workpapers; Grant Thornton Gets Parmalat Case Tossed | 04.11.13

KPMG's Independence, Herbalife's Stock Price, and the Game of Name Blame [Re:Balance]

Promises, Promises President Obama has abandoned his promise to reform the Alternative Minimum Tax. He did so in a way that makes it unlikely it will get attention from the mainstream news media – instead of an announcement, he just stopped proposing reforms. [DCJ]

U.S. urged to bridge accounting body cash gap [Reuters]

SEC accused of dawdling on JOBS Act enabling rules [The Hill]

Does my share of partnership debt let me deduct K-1 losses? [Tax Update]

SEC Asks Judge to Allow Deloitte Subpoena Suit to Proceed [BBW]

Grant Thornton wins dismissal of case over Parmalat collapse [Reuters]

Tax Lawyers Who Charge $1,150 Per Hour [TaxProf]

Video Proves That Angry Beavers Are No Joke, People [Gawker]

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