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Footnotes: New Benjamins; Millennials and Their Woes; That Must Have Been a HUGE Bra | 10.07.13

Gay people in Kansas will not be married filing jointly any time soon [AP]

If you care, you can track how much the government owes us for the shutdown [Fast Company]

A snazzy, redesigned $100 bill hits the streets tomorrow after a long, long, long delay and here's what you need to know about it [USA Today]

If the United States defaults, it will be bigger than Lehman, apparently. But hey, at least EY won't get in trouble this time [Bloomberg]

This piece on Millennials and their workplace challenges — with quotes from EY's Dan Black — has been taking up a Firefox tab on my machine for like a week, better late than never to post it here so I can free up a fifteenth Facebook tab in its place [USA Today]

Some people are wondering how a school accountant allegedly stuffed embezzled money into her bra for, like, 14 years and no one noticed [LA Times]

Allen Stanford may not be the only one who has to pay for his Ponzi scheme, but the Supreme Court hasn't figured that part out yet [Reuters]

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