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Footnotes: Neil Barofsky on Auditors, Tax Credits in Chart Form, IRS Keeps ‘Em Honest | 09.12.12

Neil Barofsky On Bailouts, TARP, and Whether It Was All Worth It “The auditors have proven themselves to me, over and over again, to be more concerned about the steady stream of fees than in doing their job.” [Forbes]

SEC whistleblower program stricter than IRS bounty which paid $104 million to felon, former official says [Reuters]

Daughter of Carrollton accountant charged with plotting wife’s murder says he passed lie detector [DMN]

STEC auditor Pricewaterhouse resigns, shares down [Reuters]

IASB Proposed Hedge Rules, FASB Focuses on Impairment [CW]

This Is The 53-Year-Old Man Who Pushed A Teen Off His Lawnmower, Tebowed, Then Drove Off [Deadspin]

US Olympic Gold Medalists to Appear at the Palestra This is also an opportunity for students to network with Deloitte consultants. [TDP, Earlier]

Des Moines airport selects a new financial auditor, KPMG [DMR]

Building the U.S. tax code, break by break [WaPo]

IRS Audits Keep Companies Honest, Says Research [AT]