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Footnotes: The Movie About You; Diversity Versus Inclusion; Who’s Making Money Off Ebola? | 10.01.14

Ben Affleck will probably star in "The Accountant" It's supposed to be a "thriller" about an accountant who moonlights as an assassin because a real accountant would totally have time to kill people as a second job [Variety]

Moving from diversity to inclusion Deloitte is on it [Deloitte]

$23 Billion Is Pulled From Pimco’s Flagship Fund In all, investors have pulled more than $50 billion from the Total Return Fund this year. The fund, which Mr. Gross had managed since its inception in 1987, now manages just under $200 billion. That’s still enormous, but down sharply from the $290 billion the fund managed just last year. [DealBook]

When Ebola comes to the U.S., who stands to profit? Only in America is this even a question [WaPo]

Reddit Users May Get Free Shares of the Company [TIME]

Deloitte merges with Takapuna management firm Dateline New Zealand: Deloitte chief executive Thomas Pippos says in a release the move is the latest of a number of transactions to expand Deloitte's footprint in the private market. “By merging with Diablo we strengthen our cloud-based services team in Auckland that provides our virtual CFO and outsourced accounting offerings to such businesses.” [NBR]

Now There's Surge Pricing For Food [Valleywag]