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Accounting News Roundup: KPMG Acquires Company; Old White Guys Repeat Themselves; Trustiness in Leaders | 10.02.14

What to Do When Anger Takes Hold [HBR]
Although I'm sure none of you have felt this at work: "Coping with moments filled with emotion — anger, anxiety, longing, fear — are the reality of being a human being at work and in life. We do things we later regret, or don’t do things we wish we had, because our emotions take hold."

KPMG Acquires Qubera [CPAPA]
I think this fulfills the 'Q' and manifests their alphabetic destiny.

IRS: Revenues up, audits down [The Hill]
This will not go over well.

Or do nothing and he'll continue to exploit it to his advantage.

Meanwhile, in other quotes-from-old-white-guys-that-you've heard-before news:

The Most Important Skill for Great Leaders? Trustworthiness. [99u]
Most people get hung up on confidence and competence: "We can all agree that trust is good.  The problem, however, is that we are so eager to prove that we 'know what we’re doing' as leaders that we neglect the arguably more important part of the trust formula: proving that we will act with our colleagues’ interests in mind."

Wendy's Pulled Pork Cheese Fries Are The Saddest Meal [Foodspin.Deadspin]
If you don't read the "anger" article above, this is where you'll end up.
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