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Footnotes: Motives for Tax Fraud Can Be Simple; KPMG on Auditor Report Proposals; Cronut Hunting | 08.14.13

Finkler & Company needs a Senior Accountant in Cleveland. Rock 'n' roll. [GCJ]

Portland jury finds man guilty in bizarre tax fraud known as 'the process' Julison appeared at a Portland Red Lion hotel to give a lecture with others on how to use 1099s to make claims for false income tax refunds, a scam they called "the process." Julison told them he was lazy and greedy and just wanted to get rich, according to an audio uncovered by federal agents. [Oregonian via Tax Update]

Secrets of Effective Office Humor [WSJ]

Dems tell GOP to ditch IRS scandal hunt, focus on fixes [The Hill]

Here Are Two Young Women Digging For Cronuts In The Trash [Gothamist]

“KPMG strongly supports the PCAOB’s efforts to enhance the auditor's reporting model and increase the relevance of financial statements for investors, the capital markets and the public.  We are now reviewing the PCAOB’s current proposal, and expect to provide comments as part of the public review process.  We look forward to continuing to work with the Board on these improvements and other initiatives that both serve the interests of investors and enhance audit quality.” [KPMG]

Tax Is the Second Most Complex Federal Statute [TaxProf]

Paying for Corporate Tax Rate Cuts is Hard [TaxVox]

SEC Charges Twitter's First Ponzi Scheme Operator Anthony Davian With Fraud [ZH]

Society crumbles as Google admits "Literally" now means "Figuratively" This is terrible. Just terrible. [io9]

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