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Footnotes: CPA Vanity Plates; DOMA and Tax Reform; Deloitte Has Some Openings in Belfast | 05.07.13

Please send us pictures of any CPA/tax vanity license plates worthy of ridicule. [TaxProf]

The former chair of the South Carolina Democrats thinks Governor Nikki Haley should "go back to being an accountant in a dress store." [TPM]

Ja Rule has been released from prison after serving time for tax evasion. [TMZ]

Boehner suggests House will take its time on Internet sales tax [The Hill] 

The Joint Committee’s Report on Tax Reform: Must-read for Policy Geeks [TaxVox]

Will DOMA Issues Doom Tax Reform? [Clint Stretch/Tax Analysts]

Council Proposes Accounting Standards Modifications for Private Companies [AT]

Deloitte to create 177 technology jobs in Belfast [BBC]

A Practical Challenge to Stand-Alone Corporate Tax Reform Leaders in both parties appear to favor revenue-neutral corporate tax reform that would lower today's 35 percent tax rate while slashing corporate tax breaks. Individual tax reform appears much more contentious, so some observers wonder whether Congress might pursue corporate tax reform by itself, separate from any individual reforms. Such reform faces a big practical challenge, however. Many corporate tax breaks also apply to noncorporate businesses, which are taxed under the individual income tax. Efforts to broaden the corporate base could therefore have significant effects on individual income taxes, making it difficult to pursue corporate reform separately. [TPC]

Matt Groening's Mother's Obit Reads Like a Who's Who of Springfield [Gawker]

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