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Footnotes: Madoff Bro Sentenced; FASB Picking Another Fight with Banks; The Maya Beg to Differ | 12.20.12

House Set to Vote on Boehner’s Fiscal ‘Plan B’ “After today, Senate Democrats and the White House are going to have to act on this measure,” Mr. Boehner said as the House prepared for a tense series of votes. [NYT]

Madoff's Brother Sentenced to 10 Years for Role in Scheme [WSJ]

Unaudited! Not Just A China Problem So How Do We Address It? No one ever talked about delisting all the German and UK companies listed on U.S. exchanges just because the German member audit firms of the Big Four had never been inspected by the PCAOB. No one talked about de-registering German Big Four member audit firms while Germany, like many other EU countries, and the U.K. prohibited PCAOB inspections on a sovereignty or secrecy basis. [Re:The Auditors]

H-P Throws Its Accountants Under the Bus! But Why? [GOA]

Sometimes UBS Traders Manipulated Libor Just To Mess With Each Other [DB]

FASB floats stronger bank credit risk accounting standard "There will be plenty of pushback from the industry" on the standard, said Nomura Equity Research analyst Glenn Schorr. [Reuters]

Municipalities Fight a Proposal to Tax Muni Bond Interest [NYT]

Should Working Class Families Pay Higher Tax so High Income People Can Pay Less? [TaxVox]

You Know Who Doesn’t Believe the World is Ending Tomorrow? The Maya [Gawker]

This Nazi Christmas party must have been the worst ever [io9]

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