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Footnotes: Liberal Man Going to Jail for Tax Evasion; Zimbabwe’s Cash Balance; A Chicken Wing Heist | 01.29.13

Liberal man sentenced to federal prison for tax evasion [TCJ]

Municipal Bankruptcies Since 1988 A few cities have multiple bankruptcies, including Macks Creek, Missouri who managed to do it twice in two years ('98 and '00). [TF]

I'd feel a lot better about Zimbabwe's $217 cash balance if we got a confirmation for it. [BI]

Tax Preparers Contest IRS Legal Maneuver In its legal brief, the IRS contended that immediately discontinuing the RTRP program “would result in a substantial disruption to tax administration.” Thousands of tax preparers who had already submitted their user fees would demand refunds, and the U.S. “would likely face numerous lawsuits—including class action lawsuits.” [AT]

Is your ergonomic desk trying to kill you? [MW]

Tax the revolving door So if you work at a cabinet level job and make $196,700 a year, and you leave for a job that pays a million a year, you'll pay 50% of the difference — just over $400,000 — to the Treasury right off the top. So as not to be greedy, we'll limit it to your first five years of post-government earnings; after that, you'll just pay whatever standard income tax applies. [USAT]

Omaha accountant gets probation for sexually explicit text messages A few thousand text messages. [OWH, Earlier]

KPMG's survey of audit committee members discovers nothing interesting. [KPMG]

Payroll Tax Cuts May Boost the Economy More than You Think [TaxVox/TPC]

$65K in chicken wings stolen amid high Super Bowl demand Gwinnett County police investigators said they believe Dewayne Patterson and Renaldo Jackson used a rental truck on Jan. 12 and took 10 pallets of frozen wings from Nordic Cold Storage. [WSBTV]

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